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PFI contractor wins 91% of bids submitted

PFI contractor wins 10 out of 11 bids submitted adding 10s of millions to the bottom line. “Winning Bid Master Class, is without equal,” says Bid Director.

Tendering for PFI contracts is expensive. In addition to the external costs such as designers or architects, legal and financial advisors or technical specialists, there is a huge amount of in-house resource. No wonder bid costs of £3,000,000 to £5,000,000 a time are mentioned.

Therefore the quality of the written submission has a massive impact on the bottom line. A string of unsuccessful tenders can very quickly put a PFI business into the red, on the other hand repeated successful bids are sure to put a smile on the Financial Director’s face,

To achieve the priority of transforming it’s submissions and start winning, our client chose Winning Bid Master Class.

The Master Class was an immediate hit with every one involved in writing responses: Our simple down-to-earth planning tools were readily taken up by technical, legal and financial advisors and consultants alike, whilst our 12 editing rules ensured a wide range of authors spoke with a single voice and style.

It came as no surprise that in a survey of staff, advisors and consultants, the Winning Bid Master Class approach to tendering scored top marks.