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Quality scores of 90% to 95% enable rail contractor to boost profit

Our client now consistently comes first with quality scores of 90% to 95%. Responses are planned around the scoring scheme and focus on the needs of the assessor. Rather than purely focusing on technical content. Top quality scores have allowed the client to increase margins and so win work at higher prices.

The design and installation of overhead railway electrification and associated power distribution is technically demanding. When the programme management requirements of large-scale schemes are added to the complex technical nature of the work, the result is complicated project documentation. With project execution plans, method statements, quality and health and safety documentation becoming lengthy, highly detailed and very complex.

However, if that same approach is used to write tenders, the result is responses that are overly technical, difficult to follow and understand. In short responses that are hard to score and so get poor scores. Our client was consistently averaging quality scores of 40% to 45% and so had to go in with low margins to be in the running.

We taught the technical managers and authors how to transform their tender responses. Shifting the focus to create responses optimised for readability and understandability. Responses are planned and written around the client’s scoring scheme and in-depth technical content. Quality scores have doubled and our client is winning work at higher margins.