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The Master Class is built around down-to-earth tools that are simple to use and easy to remember. Tools that will ensure your bid teams follow a consistent approach to produce a winning submission every time.

Learn how to write from the client’s perspective. Using the client’s language to focus on what really matters to them, and not just in a general way. You’ll learn to identify different groups in the client’s decision-making process and deliver the right messages to each.

A three-stage process will ensure your writers avoid wasted time and effort by progressively quality assuring their own work. They will produce persuasive text with better technical content by focusing on the subject matter and communication separately.

Whether responding to an Invitation to Tender or Request for Proposal, delegates will learn to plan responses that, demonstrate you have answered all the points in the question and ticked all the boxes in the scoring scheme.

Innovative brainstorming tools that deliver amazing results. Experts from different disciplines will quickly create great bids by capturing, best practice solutions, past successes and client benefits. Early use of these tools will get your writers buzzing and you will read the benefits in every sentence, paragraph and page.

Painless editing rules for high-impact 21st Century English. Make your bids easy to read and score with simple language, short sentences, bite-sized paragraphs and scan readable headlines.

Getting the bid off to a flying start. Take control of the critical early stages of the bid process, planning the responses, focusing the team and creating great answers. You will get to a good first draft at an early stage and have the time to refine and hone your bid.

Put ‘clear blue water’ between you and your competitors. Identify the client’s critical issues and weave them into every response, CV and case study. You’ll wow the client by demonstrating how you will deliver their vision and busines strategy.

Design bids that are easy to navigate. Make sure readers can find the key information they need in the first few minutes. Revolutionise the contents page with baited hooks that make the reader want to read the rest.

Executive Summaries targeted at the client’s top team that demonstrate how you will enable them to achieve their vision and business strategy. We’ll even give you a fool proof template so you can create a winning executive summary every time.

Best-practice research-based design and layout principals. Demonstrate your professionalism, competency and expertise before they read a word. Guide the assessor’s eye to the information that will persuade them to give you maximum marks.

How ‘real world’ assessors will score your bids, and how you can review your submissions from their perspective. Make bid reviews work for you by developing improvement strategies to boost your scores. maximum marks.

Identify how your processes and culture must change so you can join the ranks of the elite ‘super-bidders’ who consistently win over 80% of their bids.