Winning Bid Masterclass
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12 modules that will give you the skills, strategies & techniques to write a winning bid, proposal, tender or pitch every time

Module 1 What's in it for the client?

This module will change your thinking, moving you away from an emphasis on you and what you do, to focus on the client and what you can do for them.

Module 2 Improve the quantity and quality of your bid writers' output

Double, triple, or even quadruple the speed at which your writers produce bids and tenders. A three-stage process that will unlock the full productivity of your team by separating out the three key elements of effective bid writing.

Module 3 Bid management: Stopping the last minute panic

A common-sense approach that will give your team the time they need to plan, create, write and edit winning bids, proposals, tenders and pitches.

Module 4 Analysing the Request for Proposal (RfP) to create a response that is a quick and easy read

Consistently analyse all RfPs to get rapidly to grips with the client’s key needs and expectations, then structure your document so it transparently maps into the RfP.

Module 5 Boost your quality scores by analysing and actually answering the questions

Answer the question, rather than giving a generic response
Guide the evaluator - quickly and easily - to the information they need to score your answer
Optimise your answer to match the scoring scheme

Module 6 Develop winning strategies that will differentiate your bid, proposal, tender or pitch

Develop winning strategies for both private and public sector clients around the client’s vision, strategy and business objectives. Model the client’s decision-making team and process and then target the key players with pinpoint accuracy.

Module 7 Writing with pace, punch and power

Learn to write with a concise and persuasive style. Capture the reader’s attention with the big themes at the beginning and then draw them on by progressively unfolding the details. Boost readability and impact with attention grabbing headlines.

Module 8 Pre-qualifications and Expressions of Interest that put you in pole position

Avoiding mechanistic answers that create a sense of ‘perceived indifference.’ Rather establish your credibility with targeted relevant responses that demonstrate an understanding of the client’s high-level business objectives.

Module 9 Creating persuasive executive summaries

Create attention-grabbing executive summaries that make the decision-maker want to buy from you, through demonstrating that you are the first-choice business partner who will support the achievement of the client’s strategy and vision.

Module 10 Designing & producing winning bids, proposals, tenders and pitches

Design a smooth-flowing document using our unique colour coded submission planning system. Select layouts to ensure your key messages have maximum impact. Use and position simple graphics to create a high impact document which powerfully communicates your key winning strategy.

Module 11 Avoid the common writers’ pitfalls and ‘credibility killers’ through your internal bid review process

How? An objective framework to ensure you look at the submission from the client’s perspective
When? Progressively build confidence in your submission by picking up shortcomings early on
Who? Clear roles and responsibilities to ensure reviewers do what’s required of them

Module 12 Boost your bidding success by implementing the best practice of the ‘super-bidders’

The ‘super-bidders’, are an elite group of businesses that consistently win over 80% of their bids. This module will show you the 11 success factors of these ‘super-bidders’. Your team will review your bid-writing processes and identify how you can achieve the same level of success.
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