Winning Bid Masterclass
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writing bids, tenders & proposals that win

Bid and tender writing training that is fun, relevant and packed with practical easy-to-use tools and strategies that can be put to work immediately

Training that will inspire your team to want to write better submissions:

The Master Class is an inspirational and stimulating two-day training programme delivered to your team at your offices. It is 100% focused on work you bid for. The training modules use real-world tasks and exercises developed from your bids and tenders so your people gain and perfect new skills, and are fired with renewed passion, energy and commitment.

Training that will give your bid team a consistent approach to produce a winning bid, proposal, tender or pitch every time

Following the Master Class they will tackle every bid, proposal, tender or pitch in a structured analytical way which will:

Training that ensures your tenders and bids are written from the evaluator’s perspective, not yours

There is only one person who matters – the evaluator! And they are at the heart of our training. Evaluators are under time pressure; too much to read and too little time to read it. So to justify awarding you the work they must be able to quickly find critical information and evidence. This bid writing training will show you the secrets of designing and writing bids, proposals, tenders or pitches, which are a dream for the evaluator.

Training built around down-to-earth tools that are simple-to-use and easy-to-remember

The Master Class summarises the fundamentals of writing winning bids and tenders in straightforward principals and rules. To ensure your team put these into immediate use each delegate will receive the Bid Writer’s Tool Kit packed with aids for memory, recall and use:

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