Winning Bid Masterclass
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winning bid master class virtual

Winning Bid Master Class: Guaranteed to make you more successful by transforming your bids, proposals, tenders and pitches


Developed from the UK’s leading construction industry bid programme, Winning Bid Master Class virtual is the same great training, now delivered directly to your people in their homes or at their workstations. They will learn simple-to-use tools, techniques and processes that will give them the capacity and flexibility to respond to a range of opportunities with winning tenders.


The winning formula to write high scoring tenders delivered in four half-day sessions, each packed with practical easy-to-use approaches.

  • Session 1: Putting the bid evaluator at the heart of your planning process
  • Session 2: Combining outstanding technical content with influential writing
  • Session 3: How to stop the client shrugging and saying, “So what, I expect that.”
  • Session 4: Pulling it all together to create the winning bid

Delivery style

Great news, we are a PowerPoint free zone. We inspire people ‘face-to-face’ with an energetic and lively style, and frequent questions. To promote a high level of interaction class sizes are limited so everyone can participate and ask questions.

To ensure high levels of engagement we use self-contained learning ‘chunks’ of 30 to 45 minutes punctuated with a rich mix of short videos, exercises and individual and small group assignments. To build online collaboration skills, delegates will make regular use of virtual whiteboards.

We even have an integrated suite of material specifically developed for our online courses:

What delegates say

“The highlights were the online brainstorming techniques.”

“Brilliant tools and approaches made simple and easy to use.”

“Great course, extremely well delivered and brilliantly adapted for the web.”