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Do you know this harsh truth?

Well done. You’ve created an awesome bid or tender that’s provided you with the opportunity to present your proposal to the company’s decision makers. Now the real ‘selling’ starts and it’s critical that you understand the importance of holding the assessor’s attention whilst you deliver your key points. It’s a harsh truth, but if you […]

You only have 2 minutes

You and your team have spent many days, and possibly even late nights, creating and refining your perfect bid or tender. The content is great and the layout, design and overall look of the document is first class. Now its complete you’re feeling very positive about your chances of winning the new business. However, after […]

Don’t ever forget this…

Death by PowerPoint is something you’ve no doubt experienced first hand. Painful to watch and sit through. It’s also something you may well have been guilty of with your own bid and tender presentations. In fact the symptoms are easy to diagnose: Too many slides – Typically more than one slide per minute. Too many […]

Are yours clear, concise and easy to read?

There’s so much that could go into a bid or tender it can be tough to know where to stop. The problem with that is, all too often your team simply don’t stop and that quickly leads to the text being unclear and overly lengthy. No doubt you can easily identify simple, concise bids and […]

Is it time you had a rethink?

When you’re asked to prepare a bid or tender presentation, there’s a high probability that you’ll turn on the computer and go straight to PowerPoint and start work on the slides. You may not have a clear idea of the content you want, but already you’re thinking about the visual aids. Whilst that might seem […]

Don’t lose it in the Q & A session…

You’re feeling fantastic! The presentation of your sales proposal went really well. Not only that, but your team was on top form and the client was really listening. You can’t count chickens but the business is as good as in the bag. “Thank you.” the chairman says and turns to his colleagues. “Have you any […]

Is this working against you?

When you stop and think about it, communication seems so remarkably simple. You say something and the person you’re talking to hears it. Job done! So when it comes to a work-winning presentations, it’s understandable why so many people apply the same thinking. You explain how good your product or service is and then detail […]

Do yours answer the question?

For as complex as bids, tenders and proposals can be, in essence they require just one simple element; an answer to the question posed by the assessor. However, all too often bid writers don’t answer the question because they approach sales writing from a technical perspective. Instead, put yourself in the assessor’s position and start from their […]

Why less is definitely more…

When it comes to delivering a business winning presentation, there are many things that you need to consider and many challenges to overcome. The two biggest challenges that stand between you and ultimate success are: 1. Being perceived as authoritative. The client must feel they can trust your team’s professional judgement. 2. Ensuring the client […]

This could be the reason you fail…

When it comes to writing a sales pitch or proposal, the most critical thing to consider is the importance of focusing on the real needs of the client rather than yourself or your company. The harsh reality is that they are not at all interested in how brilliant your technical solutions are or how long […]