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must-win consultancy

Why Must-Win Consultancy from Winning Bid Master Class?

You know the power of the tools and techniques within the Master Class to transform your submissions into real winners. Must-Win Consultancy gives you a flexible and cost-effective way to bring those winning tools and techniques to bear on business-critical submissions.

Working with your team we will:

Flexibility: Must-Win Consultancy is tailored to suit the needs and budget of each bid, team or client.


Benefits: A seminar for outside consultants and key specialist sub-contractors ensuring:

• all authors will use a common approach
• outside authors know what is expected of them

Benefits; a robust win strategy that will:

• differentiate you from other bidders
• focus on concerns of the client's senior team
• identify win themes to be integrated into the bid

Benefits: clear writing plans will:

• ensure win teams are woven into every response
• responses are designed to achieve maximum success
• prevent authors going off at a tangent


• ensure a highly consistent document
• giving authors a guide to follow
• achieve maximum scores

Benefits: Objective challenge from the evaluator's perspective will:

• make responses as easy as possible for the evaluator
• optimise responses to achieve maximum scores

Benefits: Individual and small group coaching to:

• create high-impact presentations
• enable your team to appear relaxed, self-assured and confident