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behavioural assessments modules

4 modules that will give you the skills, strategies & techniques to come first in behavioural assessments

Module 1 Different strokes for different folks: What drives and motivates each member of your team?

Understand what drives and motivates each member of your team and how these are reflected in their individual behaviours, working style and work rate. Pin point and fix the causes of misunderstandings, friction and under performance.

Module 2 Team performance: Working together to deliver real results as a team

Build mutual respect and trust by an in-depth appreciation of what each individual brings to the team. Understand the team’s collective strengths and how to deal with its limitations. Learning to tackle exercises as a single unit with shared goals and a common focus; each member seamlessly assuming a team role that best suits their working style.

Module 3 Understanding what the client wants to see in your team

Review the client’s behavioural assessment framework and understand how your team will be evaluated. Develop strategies to ensure your team will display the right behaviours and attitudes in front of the client’s assessors.

Module 4 Team working tools: Being prepared for whatever the client throws at you

To ensure the team is prepared for whatever the client throws at you they will learn how to apply a complete suite of team working tools; problem solving, creative thinking, speed reading, mind mapping, action planning and root cause analysis.
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