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behavioural assessments

Make sure your team demonstrates the right behaviours at the assessment

Behavioural assessments are the latest technique used to select contractors.
Why? It’s just like employing people. We recruit people for their technical skills but sometimes, sadly, they have to go because their behaviour falls short. Put simply, the client wants to know how your management team will behave if you win the contract.

Will your team be collaborative and show strong leadership; responding to new challenges and working positively with the client, or…

At the behavioural assessment your team will be put under pressure – lots of it;

And their behaviour, team and individual, closely observed, assessed and scored.

We will show your team how to come first in these behavioural assessments in four ways:

Firstly: By objectively showing each team member their personal strengths and limitations.

Profiling each team member will ensure they understand how:

Secondly: Each team member will develop an in-depth understanding of what motivates and drives others in the team.

Ensuring each team member knows the strengths and limitations of every one else hence how to:

Thirdly: We’ll pinpoint the strengths and potential limitations of your team against the client’s behavioural assessment framework.

The collective profile will enable the team to plan strategies to:

Fourthly: Your team will learn to work together as a close-knit unit.

In group work, problem solving and responding to scenarios, each team member will:

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