Winning Bid Masterclass
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winning presentations modules

13 modules that will show you how to get straight to the point, focus on what's important to the client and win them over.

Module 1 Winning structures

Grab the audience’s attention with your opening words and convince them in the first three minutes. From then on, the audience will be on your side.

Module 2 Message packets

Build your presentation from short, front-loaded chunks of information. You’ll keep the audience's attention and make it easy for them to follow and understand.

Module 3 Foolproof openings, links and endings

Seven openings guaranteed to work every time, proven links to make the presentation flow seamlessly and five ways to end with a bang, not a whimper.

Module 4 Give your presentation the wow factor

Use language that will enhance your standing and ensure you're understood. Make your examples and evidence relevant to each audience. Avoid the communications pitfalls and build in calls to action.

Module 5 Strategy workout

Identify the decision-makers and influencers and target each group with pinpoint precision. Develop messages that focus on the priorities and expectations of each group within the decision-making process.

Module 6 Visual aids that aid, not distract

Quickly and easily create simple visual aids that reinforce the key messages and enable the presenter to remain centre stage. How to quickly create high-impact 'takeaways' you can leave with the client.

Module 7 Presenting as a team not a group of individuals

Show the client you trust and respect each other, and the client will trust and respect you too. Seamlessly handle the transitions and handovers between presenters into one ‘wow-factor’ presentation.

Module 8 It’s not what you say but how you say it

A practical exercise to graphically demonstrate how our tone of voice and body language speak more powerfully than the words we use.

Module 9 Make effective use of your voice

Four main factors, volume, pace, energy, and emphasis combine to make our voices a communication tool with amazing power and range. This module will show how to blend these factors to give your presentation real impact.

Module 10 Projecting understated self-confidence; there’s nothing like it to win over the client

We’ll show your team how to make effective use of eye contact, facial expression, gestures, posture and even body orientation. They’ll learn how to win over the audience by integrating body language with the words they use.

Module 11 Presenting online, making Zoom and MS Teams work for you

We’ll explain how to adapt the voice and body language to virtual space. We'll also give simple ways to optimise and light your workspace and show you how to use virtual backgrounds, so you are not side-lined by PowerPoint.

Module 12 De-risking the Q & As

We’ll show delegates how to own the Q&A session by anticipating and preparing for tough questions, avoiding confrontation, and identifying buying signals.

Module 13 Syndicate group presentations and feedback

Syndicate groups will deliver presentations based on a real-world scenario. Delegates listening to the presentations will role-play the client with challenging questions. Syndicate groups will be given feedback on strengths and areas for improvement with individuals receiving feedback on their personal delivery.