Winning Bid Masterclass
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winning presentations modules

9 modules that will give you the skills, strategies & techniques to write a winning presentation every time

Module 1 Laying the foundation for a successful outcome by planning and preparation

Assessing the audience to determine the optimum degree of formality or informality and level of technical content. Choose vocabulary to neutralise any prejudices, preconceptions and biases the client may have.

Module 2 Win Strategy: Hook the client’s key decision makers by focusing on what matters to them

Strategy tools to ensure you have identified the key issues and challenges facing the client’s senior team. And planning tools to ensure the Presentation focuses on these top issues.

Module 3 Get the audience’s attention and keep them interested throughout with targeted message packets

Learn how to design an engaging and persuasive presentation using message packets; short (typically 3-5 minutes) "chunks of information." Each packet will be front-loaded with a client focused selling message and targeted at a key individual or group within the audience.

Module 4 Present as a strong integrated team – not a bunch of individuals

The client is buying your whole team, so we will show you how to project team spirit and mutual warmth. Show the client that you trust and respect each other and the client with trust and respect you too.

Module 5 Keeping them riveted

Hook them with your first words: Openers guaranteed to grab the audience’s attention
Keep them hanging on your every word: Logical and progressive links to stop the audience’s minds wandering.
End with a bang not a whimper, proven ways to deliver a powerful call to action.

Module 6 Projecting self-confidence: Plan to use body language to support the words

Feeling nervous? Don’t worry. What’s important is not how you feel, it’s what the client sees. We’ll guide you through the use of eye contact, facial expressions (smiling is infectious) hand gestures, posture and body language. The client will see a relaxed self-assured professional who they can fully trust.

Module 7 Projecting self-confidence: Learn to use your voice

Bring your presentation to life:
Volume: Lowering the voice to grab their attention, raising it will emphasise a point
Pace: A little slower than normal to add authority, vary your pace to maintain interest
Intonation: Adjust your intonation to convey just the desired meaning and emphasis
The Pause: Give the client time to digest the key points

Module 8 Any Questions? Using the Q & A session as an opportunity to shine

The pitch has ended, but the opportunity to influence has not; questions must be anticipated and responses planned - especially the hostile question intended to trip you up. Learn a four-stage process to handle problem questions with courtesy and respect.

Module 9 Visual aids that aid rather than detract

The 4D graphics and animations were spectacular; but failed to communicate the key client benefits, and the competitor won the work. Learn how to create - and use - visual aids that reinforce your key selling message, ensuring the client remembers your key points.
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