Winning Bid Masterclass
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winning presentations modules

9 modules that will give you the skills, strategies & techniques to write a winning presentation every time

Module 1 Making sure your presentation stands out from the rest

It won’t be just you. In a typical day, your client could sit through five or more presentations. Make sure your key messages will be remembered long after your competitors’ are forgotten. A clear structure, concise content, persuasive messages and great delivery, what’s not to like.

Module 2 Understanding the client’s real agenda

The client’s selection panel will have 3 big questions: “Can we have confidence in what they are putting forward?” “Are these people Credible?” “Is there any Chemistry, can we work with them?” The Master Class will give you the winning formula for a great presentation in these 3Cs.

Module 3 Winning body language and tone of voice

Clients want to work with winners, and we all know how winners
act and sound, They have energy and passion, self-assurance, they have nothing to prove. This module will demonstrate the importance of the right body language and tone of voice.

Module 4 Getting their attention and keeping them interested with message packets

Turn all your thinking upside down. Hook the client in the first 2 minutes with your opening words by starting with your big ideas. And once you have their attention we will show you how keep them interested all the way through.

Module 5 Keeping them riveted: Attention grabbers, links and endings

Five openers guaranteed to make them sit up and take note. Clear, logical and progressive links to keep them engaged and ensure
they fully understand the flow and progression of your presentation. Finish on a high note that sets a positive tone for the Q & A session.

Module 6 Presenting as a coherent team not a group of individuals

The client is buying a team. Learn how to demonstrate, to the client’s interview panel, your team spirit, trust and respect. Be able to seamlessly integrate several slots by technical specialists into one ‘wow-factor’ presentation.

Module 7 Strategy Workout: Win over the decision makers and influencers by focusing on what’s important to each

The client’s interview panel will consist of high level managers, technical experts, the project team and individuals concerned about compliance to company standards. This module will explain how to develop and deliver a compelling message for each group that will have a say in the decision.

Module 8 Giving your presentation the wow factor

Use powerful language that will influence and persuade, avoid language that makes the audience think negatively. Make the most of your track record, by highlighting the parallels with the work you want to win. You’re there to win the business, so don’t be afraid to make a call to action.

Module 9 Projecting understated self-confidence, there’s nothing like it to win over the client

Have the client eating out of your hand with simple voice and body language techniques. We’ll also show you how to make Zoom and MS Teams work for you.

Module 10 Planning how you will answer their questions, your opportunity to shine

Derisking Q & As. We’ll show you how to own the Q & A session by anticipating and preparing for tough questions, avoiding confrontation and identifying buying signals.

Module 11 Visual aids that aid rather than detract

Visual aids should be just that, aids. But all too easily they take over, emasculating the presenter and overloading the audience. This module will demonstrate effective use of a range of visual aids to ensure your team remain centre stage and the client remembers your key messages.