Winning Bid Masterclass
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winning presentations

Now your team can deliver a dazzling presentation that will have the client eating out of your hand and win you the work

Don’t lose another contract by a poor presentation

Business development people courted the client. Your marketing team put together a great bid. Now the client wants to eyeball the people who will do the work. All that stands between you and a lucrative contract is a 30-minute pitch followed by a Q & A session. We will teach your people how to create a clear concise pitch focused on what matters to the client. And then how to deliver it in a relaxed confident manner that will have the client wanting them.

Focus your presentation on the needs and expectations of the client’s panel using the four Cs

Personal Chemistry

The client’s panel will be asking themselves, “Can we have a good working relationship with these people?”

We will teach your people to come across as:

Professional Credibility

The client’s panel will be asking, “Can we trust the professional and technical judgement of these people?”

We will develop your people so that they project an understated professionalism and self-assuredness that puts the panel’s minds at rest.

Confidence in your technical solution

The panel’s reputation is at stake. They want to be reassured that if they recommend you their professional judgement will not be called into doubt.

Your people will learn how to plan and deliver presentations that give the client total confidence in your technical solution and your ability to successfully deliver it.


It’s a beauty parade. A long day for the client’s panel in which they have seen and heard many pitches. Why should they remember yours? Were your key selling messages clear? Have your key points been clearly headlined and reinforced by both what the client heard and saw?

Your people will discover how to design presentations that are easy-to-remember with:

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