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Winning Presentations Master Class

Winning Presentations Master Class is unique, developed specifically for work winning high value projects. It will teach you how to win over the client’s panel with presentations hallmarked with the four Cs...

Personal C hemistry

As you present, the panel will be asking themselves, “Can we have a good, long-term working
relationship with these people?

 We’ll show your team how to project themselves as; user-friendly, flexible, and easy to work with. OR We’ll show your team how to demonstrate a user-friendly, flexible, and easy to work with approach.

Professional C redibility

The panel’s decision has huge business and personal implications. So, they’re asking themselves “Can we trust these people’s professionalism and technical judgement?’ 

You’ll learn tools to project understated yet confidence-building professionalism that will wow the panel.

C onfidence in your solution

The panel’s reputation is at stake. If they pick you could their professional judgement be called into doubt? 

Learn how to deliver presentations that give the panel absolute confidence in your solution
and your ability to deliver it.

Re- C all of your key messages

It’s a beauty parade. The client’s panel will sit through many presentations; to win you must have clarity so your key messages stand out. 

You’ll learn to headline and reinforce key messages so the panel can easily remember them,  whilst your competitors’ main points are in one ear, out the other.