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Over 12 modules, each delegate will a have hands-on learning experience, delivering multiple presentations and receiving supportive feedback from the highly experienced class facilitator. To build confidence, feedback will always highlight strengths and suggest areas for improvement.

We’ll show you how to grab the panel’s attention with your opening words and convince them in the first three minutes. From then on, they will be on your side.

Learn to build your presentation from short chunks of information that headline client benefits. This will keep the panel’s attention and make it easy for them to follow and remember your key messages.

Create that professional tone and style by using the right vocabulary. We’ll tell you the language you must use and the words to be avoided if you are to project trustworthiness and technical competence.

Give the panel confidence your solution will work. Make examples of your past projects relevant and applicable to the project you want to win.

Identify the decision-makers and influencers and target each group with pinpoint precision. Develop messages that focus on the priorities and expectations of each group within the decision-making process.

Eleven golden rules for great visual aids that will enhance the panel’s understanding, retention and engagement and make you look like a real Pro.

Learn how to show the panel your proposed team will work as one to deliver great customer service. Easy to use tools to demonstrate trust and respect and effortlessly handle the transitions and handovers between presenters.

By learning to use volume, pace, pauses, emphasis, tone, and energy, delegates will build confidence to present in any situation with real impact. Within a safe space, each delegate will be supported to discover their unique presentation voice.

We’ll work with each delegate so they can use simple principles to make effective use of eye contact, facial expression, gestures, and posture. Using these they'll project an infectious self-confidence that will inspire the panel.

Expect the unexpected. We’ll show delegates how to shine during the Q & As by anticipating and preparing for tough questions, using a clear process, and avoiding confrontation.

Syndicate groups will deliver a presentation using a scenario developed from each client’s workload. Those listening will be briefed with challenging questions.

We’ll explain how to adapt your voice and body language for the virtual space. We’ll also give you simple ways to optimise the layout and lighting of your workspace and make maximum use of virtual backgrounds.