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bid strategy

Target everyone involved in the decision making process

Corporate decision-making involves people at strategic levels as well as technical and operational staff

M-U-S-I-C is a powerful tool to ensure winning bids, proposals, tenders or pitches which successfully target everyone involved.

Movers and Shakers:
The senior people who hold the purse strings. You may never meet them, but your proposal must win them over by highlighting how you alone will deliver their vision, strategy and business objectives.

Movers and Shakers are focused on their customers, so to win them over your bid must explain benefits for your client’s customers.

The client’s operational staff; very risk adverse; you fail and they feel the pain. Give them confidence that you will deliver on cost, quality and programme. Users are our main point of contact but often are not aware of high-level objectives.

Scrutineers come in all shapes and sizes; sustainability, diversity and equality, compliance and legal to name just a few. They have the power to kick you into the long grass, so you need to put ticks in all the right boxes.

They are after value for money or best value. So talk their language using £ and % rather than discussing your technical innovations or continuous improvement. If you don’t they will make a simple calculation: Value for Money = the Cheapest.

The client’s advisers. They want repeat business and so need to look good in front of the client. Criticise anything they suggested and you’ve made an implacable enemy. Support anything they suggested and you have an advocate.

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