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sales proposals

Win the work at a higher price with a wow-factor sales proposal

A sales proposal is normally written in response to a Request for Proposal (RfP) issued by the client or a consultant working on their behalf. The RfP will list the client’s requirements and specific items / topics that are to be included in your sales proposal. There may also be specific questions that you must answer.

1. To be in the running – your sales proposal must make it easy for the reader to see you have covered all points in the Request for Proposal (RfP). Techniques for this include:

  1. Using the client’s exact terminology, vocabulary and abbreviations in your headlines
  2. Using the numbering system from the client’s Request for Proposal
  3. Make the contents page clear and understandable

2. But to win you must do more – give your sales proposal that extra wow-factor

Sure all the topics / issues listed in the Request for Proposal (RfP) are important to the client, but not all are equally important. Which are the

Critical: What keeps the client’s senior team awake at night? What is crucial to success? What are the areas where there is no margin for failure?

A winning sales proposal will major on these critical issues maybe including evidence of past successes, CVs, client testimonials or risk management techniques. All to give the client high levels of confidence, and provoke a reaction of, “Wow they’ve really understood what’s important to us.

Qualifiers: Issues the client reckons as less strategically important or lower risk. Alternatively issues where the client merely needs to achieve a threshold.

Majoring on these issues – no matter how detailed and thorough – will provoke a shrug and a reaction of, “So what? We expected that.