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6 key questions to ask about your bid

What every Managing Director and Business Development Director should know about writing winning bids, proposals, tenders and pitches but probably doesn't

Six questions that will show how good your bids, proposals, tenders and pitches really are

  1. Does it focus on the client’s vision, strategy and business objectives? Or on yours?
  2. Can the client quickly find the critical issues that are of highest importance to them? Or does it headline and emphasize what matters most to you?
  3. Are the key deliverables, clients outcomes and benefits easy to find? Or buried beneath generic blurb?
  4. Does it demonstrate a strong client focus and alignment by using the client’s own language and jargon? Or do your terminology and acronyms predominate?
  5. Does it explain how you will help your client deliver a better service to their customers? Or major on what you are going to do?
  6. Is the client left thinking, “These people seem to know what matters to us. They understand what we need to achieve. They are really focused on us and our needs.” Or…

Most bids and tenders are written from the bidder’s perspective – not the client’s

A standard introduction slightly modified for each client, A list of your USPs and competitive strengths, an overview of your processes and systems, some case studies and CVs of your team.

And finally it is all jazzed-up by a graphic designer with a sprinkling of marketing speak.

However your client is only interested in their business

How will picking you benefit them? Why will they be better off selecting you? How will you enable them to achieve their vision and deliver their strategy?

Just how will you enable them to give their customers a better, faster, cheaper service? Why are you first choice? How is your offer best value?

Read your bids, proposals, tenders and pitches from the client’s position

Imagine you are the client’s Managing Director. What are your three main concerns? What big issues pre-occupy you? What’s going to grab your attention? Generic cut-and paste? Standard marketing text?

If you were the client’s Managing Director what would you be looking for in a bid, proposal, tender or pitch?

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